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I cant use Osprey Cards with Adobe Premiere Cs3 or CS4. (Última atualização: 28/09/2013 01:07:17)

This is Ash with ViewCast Tech Support. All of our
Osprey cards send their data to the system using the DirectShow API.
Therefore, any program that is DirectShow compatible will be able to
access and communicate with any Osprey card. I am not familiar enough
with all of the products in the CS4 line to be able to tell which ones
are or are not DirectShow based programs. Adobes Flash Media Encoder is
a DirectShow app that works very well with our cards, however. In the
past, most people who have wanted to edit content captured from their
Osprey cards in Creative Suite applications have first saved the data in
Flash Media Encoder or Windows Media Encoder and then imported it into
their editting programs.

Thank you,
Ash, ViewCast Tech Support